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Party of colors - ideengarten
Rockin Beets Packaging black + white - ideengarten
Rockin Beets Packaging-Design - ideengarten
Katja Trojer booklet - ideengarten
Katja Trojer Booklet inside - ideengarten
goodnews logo  - ideengarten
ideengarten office RU.17
Santija Bieza LUMEN
Magasin Cover Illustrations - ideengarten
Screendesign for a hotel in Val Gardena - ideengarten
Kursprogramm atemcentrum - ideengarten
KvB-Portrait - ideengarten
Logo Design - Ochsenreiter loyer office - ideengarten
Handlettering with ink-ideengarten
free grafics - ideengarten
how to install on the stuffboard  - ideengarten
Stuffboard - rubbers on wall - ideengarten
gourmeur with salvia - ideengarten
Mind Map - ideengarten
Nature Photography - ideengarten
Architecture Photography - ideengarten
Architecture Photography - ideengarten
Portrait Photographie - ideengarten
Screendesign - ideengarten
Portrait Photographie - ideengarten
Editorial Design - ideengarten
Cover Booklet
calligrafical work - ideengarten
working the wood / speaker - ideengarten
Product Design - ideengarten
Screendesign for a ceramics dealer - ideengarten
small sculpture - elefant porcelain - ideengarten
Architect model - ideengarten
Painting, oil on canvas- ideengarten
Pencil Scetch - ideengarten
Photograhy - ideengarten

N i c e    t o   h a v e    y o u    h e r e  w i t h   us  !

If you're looking for creative solutions, but not only, you've come to the right address.

The ideengarten APPROACH

We want to help you formulate and visualise your philosophy and unique approach to your offerings as they embody your added value and your brand.

In doing so, we draw on our curiosity about people,

our ability to listen actively and our many years* of experience in the branch.

We pay special attention to self-employed people and start-ups who, like us, have a desire to see eye-to-eye.

Perseverance is the only prerequisite;

joy through ease our gift.


*unbelievable but true - but we already have over 20 years of experience.



Our goal is to guide you through a profound process, to make your proposal shine and to empower you - but not to bind you.

Use your wings and fly!



W h a t   d o e s   a l l   t h i s   m e a n ?

We are good at drawing individual design concepts for small or medium businesses, professionals and start ups.

Experienced in visual communication from web design to editorial design, we elaborate illustrations for you as well as packaging designs or corporate identities.




After listening to you carefully we accomplish our task with…


- a great deal of heart and empathy

- sensitivity and expertise

- love for the detail

- and if needed, with the help of a selected network of  

  professionals we appreciate

And did we mention - sustainability and a low ecological footprint are big part of our mission -

we are enthusiastic if these are yours as well!


If you are curious now, feel free and contact us.


music: Wise Up - Aimee Mann
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